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Professional Cleaning

ServiPlus is aware of the importance to have a healthy, clean environment as well as making a good impression on your business, building’s common areas, lobbies and hallways. A clean space means a healthy space. It is proven that, clean and healthy offices result in more and better productivity!

Our highly trained technicians are ready to provide the highest quality service. With us you get your money’s worth and more.

We can make your carpets and furniture look like new again, and with our custom designed maintenance packages, we can keep them looking great extending their life expectancy.

We create maintenance packages designed specifically for your company's cleaning needs, frequency and budget. ServiPlus will go beyond your expectations. Most major carpet manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance programs, like ours; because they are effective in safeguarding the carpet from rapid re-soiling and allowing easier cleaning of dirty carpets. This keeps your carpets looking cleaner longer and a healthier environment free of pollutants.

Why Choosing Us

  • ServiPlus combines the best and most experienced technicians with our Innovate-Unique natural products



    We combine the best and most experienced technicians with our Innovate-Unique NATURAL PRODUCTS! That is why we make a difference.

  • ServiPlus is the Best Cleaning Solution for families, pregnant women, sensitive people, little children and pets


    Protecting what matters

    The best safe solution for families, asthmatics, pregnant women, sensitive people, little children and pets! With the best method of cleaning!

  • ServiPlus will clean carpets, upholstery or area rugs at your properties for affordable prices in Vancouver


    Save your money

    Do not replace the carpets, upholstery, or area rugs at your properties. We can clean them and make them look LIKE NEW!