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Eco-Friendly and Allergy-Safe Cleaning Solutions that leave a fresh, clean scent without causing irritation

Eco-friendly and Allergy-Safe Cleaning Solutions

At ServiPlus, we prioritize your health and the environment by using natural, allergy-friendly products that leave a fresh, clean scent without causing irritation or harm.

- Lisa K.
San Francisco, United States

Excellent service by Antonio and Anette who restored our Nubuck leather couches and lounge chairs. They arrived on time, were professional, friendly and efficient at a very reasonable cost. Several furniture cleaners and restorers in Vancouver will not touch Nubuck. These guys knew exactly what they were dealing with and cleaned, conditioned and restored two large couches and 2 large lounge chairs, in our home, in about 2 hours. Amazing work. Thank you Antonio, Anette and ServiPlus! We highly recommend this team for your leather and upholstery cleaning/restoring needs.

Our Highly Trained Cleaners use Advanced Cleaning Techniques for long-lasting cleaning outcomes

Advanced Cleaning Techniques for Immaculate Results

Our highly trained team uses the latest hot and cold water extraction methods, removing moisture rapidly for exceptional, long-lasting cleaning outcomes.

- Lori R.
Central, Vancouver, BC

I was absolutely grateful to Antonio and his staff for doing such a great job on cleaning my carpets and blinds of my old unit, and the cleaning of my blinds and deep-clean of my new apt. Very self-contained, reasonable pricing, and reliable. Very friendly. Highly recommend!

Comprehensive Cleaning Services will ensure your home, office and vehicle always looks its best

Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Every Need

From carpet and upholstery cleaning to yacht and RV detailing, our wide range of services ensures your home, office, or vehicle always looks its best.

I've been working with ServiPlus for more than 15 years! I can honestly say they have been excellent!! They are always on time, very professional staff, and they always do a great job.


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  • What we do

    What we do

    Having over ten years experience allows us to provide superior quality cleaning of carpets, rugs and hallways wall-to-wall, upholstery, interiors cars & boats.

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  • What we use

    What we use

    We are proud to use the latest efficient equipment and all Natural ingredients, leaving a very smooth clean scent with no health threats or allergy causing effects.

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  • How we do it

    How we do it

    We use leading edge services such as the “Hot & Cold Water Extraction, removing the moisture rapidly”, the most effective and reliable system for exceptional cleaning.

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